Project Schedule


A section of the third floor of the Collegium Anatomicum in Poznań, 6 Święcicki Street, remains in the condition that the construction party left it when the building was first built in 1929. The attic over the left wing of the building covers approximetly 600m2. The only modernization of the area was conducted in 2003, consisting of a comprehensive renovation of the roof of the building associated with the exchange of tiles, ventilation shaft recostruction and partial replacement of the roof truss.
To enable the functioning of the center it is therefore necessary to:
1. adapt the existing ceiling to the anticipated floor load (floor and its appropriate finish) engineering calculations are expected to answer the question of what the maximum floor load per 1m2 will be permitted after the renovation, but they do not assume that the newly created facilities will not enable the installation of medical and bioinformatical equipment of heavy weight;
2. secondly, the necessary work on the roof has to be performed, with insulation and installation of roof windows (room lighting). In the present state the attic is equipped only with just a few roof windows. Under the tiles there is only a layer of steam-permeable film and should therefore be substituted with a layer of mineral wool insulation, covered by plasterboard and the necessary finishing layers (plasterboard).
3. entirely new plumbing, central heating and electrical installations need to be provided;
completely new rooms need to be created with interior walls, doors, woodwork, similar in layout to the second floor premises;
4. perform the installation of air conditioning and ICT network; as despite the insulating layer directly beneath the shingles, temperature build up can not be avoided, therefore it is advisory to install air conditioning both for the comfort of the employees as well as hardware requirements.
The work mentioned above is to be completed by the end of 2009.
It is planned, that the purchase of scientific equipment - which is the backbone of future diagnostic center operation, will be completed at the turn of 2009 and 2010. This will include providing the supply of a cutting-edge technology scanner that allows digital archiving of histological sections;  a network supported, tele-information research microscope, camera for preparing tissue microarrays and complete histological laboratory equipment.
Subsequently (2010), the project intends to begin collecting cancer histological preparations, their histological preparation and digital scanning. Parallel, it is intended that tissue microarrays of malignant tumors will be prepared, and the process of their distribution will begin.
It is intended that in 2011, a database will be developed, and cancer data analysis software created basing on pathology tele-consultations. These actions will be correlated with the integration of research applications of tele-informatics system and a demonstration of the potential of the system.
In the last year of the project (2012) the integrated technology for tele-pathological study of microscopic preparations of malignant tumors will be made available, basing on the master database. Simulations of actual tele-consultations will be performed, as well as, an analysis of diagnostic reliability of specific research problems(benchmarking).